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Quarterly report 2018 Q1

AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF

The AMI Big50 ETF has started of the year with a slight uptick of +0.9% in the midst of

a strong Rand environment, while posting a strong +6.1% U$ return. The African countries have enjoyed a renewed optimism following the pickup in commodity prices and the general political stability of the region.

The AMI Big50 ETF underwent a rebalance introducing: Equity Bank; New African Properties; Seed Company of Zimbabwe; Seplat Petroleum Development; and Shell CI. The new additions will add to the robustness and diversity of the index.

Companies removed were: Kenya Commercial Bank; SDV Saga CI; Société

Générale de Banques CI; Total CI; and Turnstar Holdings these removals were based

on the relatively lower liquidity levels we are seeing on the market.

Closing price NAV: R 12.46

Total Expense Ratio as targeted: 0.75%


AMI Real Estate ex-SA ETF

The AMI Real Estate ex-SA Fund is due to start trading on the JSE on 20 April 2018.

The property sector in Africa offers huge potential for investors looking to get exposure to real estate assets that cater to the changing population dynamics on the continent. The anticipated listing price is going to be around R 50.00 and the ETF will qualify for tax free savings.

Closing price NAV: R tba

Total Expense Ratio as targeted: tba%

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