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Quarterly Investor reporting 2021 Q1

AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF

The AMI Series has under gone a rebalance of the 1st quarter of 2021, a year has passed since the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. The world’s biggest economy US has reached unpresented amount of stimulus and has kept interest rates near 0%. Globally central banks and economy analyst are seeing a recession coupled with High inflation. On the continent Africa, has been resilient to the downward pressure in the equity market shedding almost 40% Y.T.D in some sectors. Commodities are performing well as many suspects were in commodity super cycle. The AMIB50 has been trading a Y.T.D of (-35.71%) as African markets still recovering from the novel Coronavirus. The currency risk has benefited off a weaker dollar despite the dollar’s exceptionalism. No new additions or removals for the 1st quarter under review of 2021. Africa’s much anticipated free trade agreement has unofficially gone live which sees all 54 nations have synced trade relations with all countries.


New additions: N/A

Removals: N/A


Fund factsheet:

Risk rating: Medium | Closing price: R 7.13 | Closing NAV R 5,19| Number of units: 771,842| Total Expense Ratio as targeted: 0.85% | Distribution: ZAR cents 0.00


AMI Real Estate ex-SA ETF

The AMIRE has dropped a Y.T.D. (-35.45%) as the lockdown restrictions has ravaged the sector. Two new additions to real estate fund IMMORENTE Invest of Mauritius and UPDC Real Estate It of Nigeria both new additions as the fund winds up ahead of repurposing to the Africa Sovereign Bond Index (ASBI).The Bond market has seen a rise which has driven most emerging market indices as a riskier asset. SABI (Sovereign African Bond Index) collaboration with S&P is looking to exploit the value in this $100bn asset class and repurposing the real estate fund.  The responsible investing ais taking the finance world by storm as investors looking for more responsible investing in terms of human and environmental rights cloud atlas looks to launch a ESG fund toward year end. As We enter the 2n quarter of 2021 we look toward the emerging market with optimism as vaccinations rollout we seek to see African equities enter into positive territories.

The portfolio rebalanced in the month of March 2021.

New additions: UPDC Real Estate It.(5.16%), Immorente Invest(12.15%)

Removals: N/A


Fund factsheet:

Risk rating: High | Closing price: R 20.25 | Closing NAV R 12.09 | Number of units: 82,960 |Total Expense Ratio as targeted: 0.85% | Distribution: ZAR cents 0.00