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Quarterly Investor report 2019 Q1

AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF

The first quarter of 2019 saw the AMIBig50 return % in price movement and marks the shift to fundamentals for African listed companies. The African Continental Free Trade Agreement is set to come into full force by 2020 as the 22 country ratified the agreement, and goods will begin to move across the continent in a single market boosting intra African trade. When you couple this with the demographic dividend winners in the Big50 composition will be in Industrials and Consumer related sectors.


The portfolio rebalanced in the month of March, three constituents with a combined weighting of 3.56% have been replaced with constituents with a combined weighting of 1.52%.

New additions: Nico Holdings, Oando and Kenya Power & Lighting.

Removals: Umeme, Kengen and Nampak Zimbabwe.


Fund factsheet:

Risk rating: Medium | Closing price: R 13.61 | Number of units: 1,416,342 | Total Expense Ratio as targeted: 0.65% | Distribution: ZAR cents 0.00


AMI Real Estate ex-SA ETF

The property sector continues to hover at the same levels since the previous quarter. The African property sector is in acquisition and construction mode as large infrastructure projects start to come online, we expect a pick up in the yield. This fund is tilted towards companies that have residential properties with a few players operating in the industrials space. This sector is favoured in Africa where credit lines to buy houses are often expensive and as a form of accommodation people tend to rent.


The portfolio rebalanced in the month of March. No new companies were added to the fund or existing constituents removed.


Fund factsheet:

Risk rating: Low | Closing price: R 38.05 | Number of units: 25,433 | Total Expense Ratio as targeted: 0.70% | Distribution: ZAR cents 0.00