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Quarterly Investor report 2018 Q4

AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF

The end of 2018, marked the end of a volatile time in equity markets, with African markets returning nearly half of their 2017 gains. In 2019 the markets will be gearing towards election season, most notably Nigeria and South Africa. The democratic process is being observed which is key milestone for African markets which are often viewed through a political lens.

The portfolio rebalanced in the month of December, Nine constituents with a combined weighting of 9.57% have been replaced with constituents with a combined weighting of 9.82%.

New additions: Ibnsina Pharma, Oryx Properties, Global Telecom, Hightech Payement Sys. Ezz Steel, Miniere Touissit, Orascom Development Egypt Sae, Lux Island Resorts, Nampak. Removals: Choppies Enterprises, Alteo, Palmci, Sdv Saga Ci, Kenolkobil, Total Ci, Telecom Egypt, Crdb Bank, Sodeci.

Fund factsheet:

Risk rating: Medium |Closing price: R 14.10 |Number of units: 1,325,917 |Total Expense Ratio as targeted: 0.75% |Distribution: ZAR cents 0.00


AMI Real Estate ex-SA ETF

The property sector continues to hover at the same levels since the previous quarter. The African property sector in in construction mode as large infrastructure projects start to come online, we expect a pick up in the yield. This fund is tilted towards companies that have residential properties. This sector is favoured in Africa where credit lines to buy houses are often expensive and as a form of accommodation people tend to rent.

The portfolio rebalanced in the month of December, Additions: Oryx Properties Namibia. Removals: Turnstar Holdings Botswana, UACN Properties.

Fund factsheet:

Risk rating: Low |Closing price: R 39.45 |Number of units: 21,933 |Total Expense Ratio as targeted: 0.70% |Distribution: ZAR cents 0.00