Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

What Is Cloud Atlas Investing?

Cloud Atlas is a Collective Investment Scheme which means we pool investments sums from the general public and invest in opportunities on their behalf.

How Do I Invest?

An investor can buy directly from us, through the mobile and web application and  also our product is available on the JSE and can be accessed through a registered stockbroker.

What is the AMI series?

AMI stand fro African Market Index and it is a series of intelligent indices that track listed shares on the stock market. It allows investors diversified and sustainable investment products that generally perform well over the medium to long term.

What is Africa ETF?

Cloud Atlas Investing offers client one-of-a-kind investment products into Africa through the AMI Africa Exchange Traded Funds. The Exchange Traded Fund will track an index in the AMI series and generally be a basket of shares an investor can get at one price point.

Cloud Atlas Investing (Cloud Atlas RF (Pty) Ltd) is a registered manager of the Cloud Atlas Scheme, a Collective Investment Scheme approved by the Financial Services board. Under the Scheme Cloud Atlas Investing is an authorised Exchange Trade Fund Issuer by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.