AMI Real Estate ex-SA

Tracks Africa’s Prime Real Estate companies

2019 Q2: “The property sector continues to hover at the same levels since the previous quarter. The African property sector is in acquisition and construction mode as large infrastructure projects start to come online, we expect a pick up in the yield. This fund is tilted towards companies that have residential properties with a few players operating in the industrials space. This sector is favoured in Africa where credit lines to buy houses are often expensive and as a form of accommodation people tend to rent.

The portfolio rebalanced in the month of March. No new companies were added to the fund or existing constituents removed. “

What You Should Know

The Cloud Atlas Real Estate ex-SA ETF is an investment product that invests in the Real Estate companies on the African continent. The companies in this ETF have property portfolios that span Residential, Retail, Industrial and Tourism segments as well as new developments. This is a product which allows you to invest in Africa’s skyline.

Fund Pricing

  • Pricing date: 17 October 2019
  • NAV price per unit: R 37.56
  • Reference price: R 40.04 (Based on index value)

Fund fees

  • Management fee: 0.35% per annum
  • Custody fee in African markets: 0.33% per annum
  • Other fund fees: 0.07% per annum
  • Total fees: 0.75% per annum
  • The fund re-balances quarterly and has a December year-end.

The AMI Real Estate ex-SA Historical Performance

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What You Are Buying

Investing in the Cloud Atlas AMI Real Estate ex-SA an investor will get a proportional shareholding in the African companies listed below.

All these companies form part of the basket of shares in the index.

Fund Information

Fund objective

To closely track the performance of the AMI Real Estate ex-SA index, by investing in the shares of the companies represented by the index. To provide investors exposure to Africa at low fees.


To create an investment that trades Africa’s listed Real Estate companies. Giving investors exposure to invest in the changing demographics of the continent.


By Investing in the companies represented by the AMI Real Estate ex-SA index, we provide investors exposure to many African markets by owning shares in the listed companies. And by owning shares in these companies, we hope to create wealth for the investors and drive overall good governance.

When you buy

Investors will need a brokerage/custody account to trade the Cloud Atlas AMI Real Estate ex-SA ETF, as it listed on the stock exchange. It is advisable for investors to invest a minimum of ZAR 5,000. Cloud Atlas will market make in the secondary market by showing the ETF trading prices that are close to the live Net Asset Value of the ETF units through out the day, from time to time an investor can contact to complete/match an order.

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Cloud Atlas Investing (Cloud Atlas RF (Pty) Ltd) is a registered manager of the Cloud Atlas Scheme, a Collective Investment Scheme approved by the Financial Services board. Under the Scheme Cloud Atlas Investing is an authorised Exchange Trade Fund Issuer by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.