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The Cloud Atlas Big50 ex-SA ETF is an investment product that invests in the 50 most representative companies found across the African continent excluding South Africa.

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Cloud Atlas S&P African Sovereign Bond


The Cloud Atlas S&P African Sovereign Bond ETF tracking the S&P Africa Hard Currency Sovereign Bond Select Earn 7% USD yieldson long-dated Sovereign Bonds.

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Cloud Atlas Responsible Investing


The Cloud Atlas Responsible Investing ETF is an investment product which invests in the Top30 high-scoring ESG companies derived from the JSE SWIX. (Coming soon pending regulatory approval)

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2022-01-10 in Uncategorized

Investor Quaterly Report Q4

AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF As we come to the end of the year. Globally developed equity markets have rallied almost 200%. Central banks have kept rates low a new variant…
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2021-10-12 in Uncategorized

Cloud Atlas lists 2 Exchange Traded Funds on the Botswana Stock Exchange

On September, 8, 2021 Cloud Atlas Investing listed two (2) Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE). Cloud Atlas S&P Africa Sovereign Bond Fixed Income and Cloud…
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2021-10-05 in Uncategorized

Quaterly Investor reporting 2021 Q3

AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF Globally market have been steadily gaining with some economies reviewing interest rate with most staying the same namely the US dollar kept rates at 0.25% and…
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2021-07-14 in Uncategorized

Quarterly Investor reporting 2021 Q2

AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF Global markets including (China, Europe and the US) are a bit jittery as the pandemic still plays a major role in market movement at this stage,…
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Cloud Atlas Investing (Cloud Atlas RF (Pty) Ltd) is a registered manager of the Cloud Atlas Scheme, a Collective Investment Scheme approved by the Financial Services board. Under the Scheme Cloud Atlas Investing is an authorised Exchange Trade Fund Issuer by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.